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THORSEY LAW FIRM is a full-service litigation and business practice based in Charlottesville, Virginia and serving clients in Virginia and Maryland.

Employment Law, healthcare professional liability, intellectual property, products liability, personal injury and wrongful death cases are also regular areas of the firm’s practice.

Our business practice is designed to assist clients with the formation and operation of commercial and non-profit organizations, and is available to litigate whenever needed to enforce or defend our clients’ commercial interests.

Employment Law
If you are an employer with 15 or more employees you may wish to update your human resources materials with the July 14, 2014 updated EEOC Enforcement Guidance on Pregnancy Discrimination (PDA) and Related Issues.
Personal Injury
Having served as defense attorney for major insurance companies, I have had an opportunity to work with adjusters, claims and risk managers. This experience has provided me with valuable insight as to how personal injury and property damage claims are evaluated and adjusted.
Employment Law
Having a clear written overtime policy along with diligent enforcement of the policy can provide a defense to an overtime claim under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).
In The News
The leading cause of death in people younger than 40 is traumatic brain injury. That is because the only treatment for a car accident victim is to operate and surgically repair the internally bleeding brain.