Stephe Yborra

Managing Director
Yborra & Associates, LLC

“Rich was recommended by a trusted friend to assist me with an employment exit issue and to advise me concerning the subsequent launch of my own consulting practice. Rich is thoughtful, thorough and very capable. He took the time to listen and responded promptly with sound, well researched advice at a very fair price… I owe that friend a “beverage of his choice” (and then some) for referring me to Rich. He’s a great attorney.”

Katrina Blackwell

“Mr. Thorsey quickly grasped the nature of our problem and was able to determine the best course of action. He was able to minimize our expense while resolving the issue.”

Kelly Wing

Sr. HR Manager
American Systems

“I had the pleasure of working with Rich recently and he was beyond competent and knowledgeable. But moreover he was caring and empathetic to my mother’s situation and walked her through a process that was very emotional and traumatic. I have a great deal of trust and admiration for Rich and his firm. If I were to ever need an attorney again, I wouldn’t hesitate contacting Rich. He is fantastic!”

Jessica Clarke


“Rich is an excellent attorney. He works tirelessly on behalf of his clients and goes the extra mile for his employees. I couldn’t have asked for a better mentor.”

Paul Gayter

Owner, Brainwave

“We have had the need to work with many lawyers and law firms over the years. Some of these so called lawyers worked for so called “top notch” or ‘Nationally known” firms. We found Rich to be clearer of thought, and more in touch with legal minutiae. Quite frankly he ran rings around ’em!”

Jim McCauley

Ethics Counsel
Virginia State Bar

“I have known Rich since law school. Since then we have collaborated on CLE programs and Rich and I have consulted with each other on a variety of litigation, discovery and legal ethics issues. Rich is a conscientious lawyer with a terrific work ethic who communicates promptly and efficiently in spite of his busy schedule as a litigation attorney in professional liability cases. I would recommend him highly in his areas of practice.”

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