Our Philosophy


To serve clients by providing trustworthy direction during crisis at a good value.

When I sat down with an artist* to design my firm’s logo, he asked me to describe how I viewed my role as a lawyer. I explained my philosophy in providing service to my clients. As a lawyer I strive to serve as a safe harbor for the client during a crisis. The logo adopts a body of calm water that signifies the safe harbor I hope to provide for my clients.

In addition, a lawyer must help the client manage the crisis by taking positive action designed to move in the direction that serves the client’s best interests within the bounds of the law. The logo incorporates waves flowing from and building out of the center of the body of calm water. The rings in the water depict change that inexorably move out from that direction and creates positive change for the client. The Thorsey Law Firm logo symbolizes my philosophy in providing legal services to clients in a variety of situations.